40th Anniversary Collection - Limited Release

MAXTRAX MKII Safety Orange
MAXTRAX MKII Safety Orange

MAXTRAX MKII Safety Orange


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The MAXTRAX MKII is the gold standard of high-quality recovery boards. There is no other product that beats the MKII’s legendary durability, wide color range, innovative mounting options, integrated shovel design, and six glove-friendly handles. 

Equipped with patented keyhole openings, MAXTRAX MKII is compatible with the Mounting Pin Set (sold separately).

  • Fiber-reinforced, engineering-grade nylon construction won’t break, crack or stress whiten after use - or MAXTRAX will replace it for free
  • UV stable material won’t fade or degrade in the sun
  • Proprietary material resists wheel spin without risking tire damage for non-professional users
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults and workmanship
  • Six built-in handles and a shovel on each end make MAXTRAX perfect for use in sand, snow, or mud
  • 45L x 13W x 3.5H, 7.5LB per board, 15LB per pair
  • Made in Australia, from Australian materials

How to use MAXTRAX

After become stuck, use the MAXTRAX as a shovel to clear debris from in front of your tires. Wedge the MAXTRAX in front of your tires at a 45 degree angle. If in a two wheel drive vehicle, place the MAXTRAX in front of which ever set of wheels receive power. In a 4WD vehicle, ensure 4WD is engaged and place in front of the front tires, depending on where the vehicle is most bogged. Placing them at the front of the vehicle will give you an extra boost of momentum once your rear tires hit the MAXTRAX. Once properly placed, slowly begin to accelerate, do not spin your wheels. If the MAXTRAX are not engaging, they may need to be repositioned, or more debris may need to be cleared. Once you have traction, maintain momentum until you reach firm ground. Retrieve your MAXTRAX and carry on!