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7 Unique Camping Gift Ideas for Couples

After a long year of staying home and social distancing, there’s nothing quite like spending some quality time outdoors with some winter camping.

If you’re lucky, you might have a partner who shares that same passion for getting outside and exploring new terrains. This Valentine’s Day, why not spoil them with some new gear for your next adventure?

Shopping for camping gifts for her or camping gifts for him doesn’t have to be a chore. There are countless gift ideas that will spark your inner wanderlust and make your next trip with your special someone more convenient, more comfortable, and more fun.

Make this year the best Valentine’s Day yet with these must-have camping gift ideas for couples.

1. Cupid Portable Heater

Cost: $119

The name practically says it all. Cozy up with your special someone with our conveniently-sized camping heater to stay warm on even the coldest winter nights.

As far as camping gifts go, this one is definitely at the top of our list — especially if you plan on making the most of the winter camping season.

This heater is wireless and powered by butane, so you can easily situate it in your tent to warm your toes, or bring it outside to get some extra warmth while you’re making dinner or stargazing.

You won’t regret this purchase when the temperature drops!

Buy the Cupid Portable Heater here >

2. Han Liqueur Cup Set

Cost: $19

Headed to the backwoods with your Valentine? Don’t forget a set of these to bring along with you.

As any avid winter camper can attest, no trip is complete without cheersing over the campfire with your favorite hot beverage of choice

Named after the famous Korean spirit, these small cups are perfect for kicking back and enjoying company after a long hike or day on the slopes.

And if you find yourself over-indulging on your favorite spirits, these cups also make for great espresso glasses the next morning.

Add a set to your pack this season >

3. Roofnest Roof Top Tent

Cost: $2,995+

Arguably one of the best camping gifts for couples, a Roofnest hard shell roof top tent will have you feeling comfy as ever with your special someone.

No matter how far into the backcountry you may venture, sleeping on the ground is always less than ideal — especially if you’re pitching your tent during colder winter months.

The most comfortable and convenient way to camp is in a hard shell roof top tent. The set-up is incredibly easy, and the comfortable mattress pads and durable, noise-dampening sides ensure you’ll get a warm, cozy night’s sleep.

We love Roofnest hard shell roof top tents for all the reasons above and more. Roofnest's are compatible with nearly any rig, pop open in under a minute, and can accommodate a solar panel or two to power your whole trip.

Plus, a few of the models can store all your bedding inside while collapsed, meaning you’ll never have to worry about packing and unpacking your sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets again.

Strap one to your car now and head out of town >

4. Nomadica Wool Steamer Blanket

Cost: $199

The last thing you want during a camping trip is to feel cold or uncomfortable. It may not always be top of mind when packing, but a durable blanket makes an excellent gift for people who camp regularly.

Wool is the ideal fabric for the elements. It’s weather-resistant qualities made it a must-have for hunters and fur trappers back in the day. The fabric is water-proof and will keep you warm and dry in extreme conditions.

Today, they’re just as useful to throw on your lap by the fire, or layer over your sleeping on a chilly night. Your partner will certainly want to cuddle up with you under this cozy upgrade.

Stay warm with the Nomadica Wool Steamer Blanket >

5. Slim Twin Propane Stove

Cost: $129.95

Just because you’re in the backcountry doesn’t mean you can’t flex your cooking skills for your friends or partner.

Instead of stocking up on the same-old dry goods for the weekend, get inspired with a travel-sized stove for all your culinary needs.

Our lightweight and compact stove top pairs nicely with pots, pans, and skillets so you can make just about anything you want.

Get the Slim Twin Propane Stove now >

6. System Cookware II 7.8

Cost: $200

Plan a big meal or an impressive treat for your special someone with this 15-piece cooking set with all the flare of your set back at home.

The hard anodized aluminum build will keep your set sturdy for years to come, and comes with a handy carrying case for easy packing and stowing.

Grab your set now and get cooking >

7. AL Bamboo One Action Table

Cost: $249.95

Among the most practical of camping gifts for couples, a table is something every camper needs.

Having a place to keep your groceries, cards, mugs, and more off the ground is certainly a luxury while camping. This table is versatile enough for dinner, an impromptu card game, or to setup a smores station by the fire.

Unlike other tables that only provide one height, this one’s adjustable, which is great news if you have little ones around meal time.

You won’t have to worry about storing or transporting either, as you can also purchase a nice carrying bag.

Pull up your chair and relax for a while with the AL Bamboo One Action Table >

Give the Gift of Quality Outdoor Time

Whether you’re gifting for Valentine’s Day, a special anniversary, or just because, give your favorite camper in your life the gift of an unforgettable time together in the great outdoors.

Spending quality time with friends and loved ones gets even better when you have the right tools for the job.

Packing unique camping gear shows others that you care about making a lasting memory together. You can enjoy nature and strengthen your relationships on your next adventure.

At Nomadica, we value your passions and your people. Shop now for Valentine’s Day >

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