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A Place For You

When we heard the bad-ass ladies of WOW Retreats needed some gear to cook up some tasty eats on their adventure through Costa Rica we were excited to help. They're leading women's only expeditions for 10bdays of exploring, driving, learning, and relaxing, as they show you how to be an Overlander.

Step out of your comfort zone and get behind the wheel.
Explore the beauty of Costa Rica as you drive your own fully equipped adventure rig from the comfort of the city to the tranquility of the beach and back, with stops at beautiful camps and boutique hotels. All that while also learning new skills in a safe group of like-minded women!

We provided some Portable Kovea Gas Stoves and 10 Person Cookware Sets for family style cooking for 18 adults, we're glad we could support them in whatever small way we could.



More about WOW from their website

A Place for You

Lovers of life. Seekers of adventure. Bravery beyond belief.

We began as a Facebook group where traveling women could congregate for information and community related to all things overlanding. After the first year, we had grown to an active group of over 1,600 members around the world and that number is increasing everyday.
We quickly realized that far more than just a facebook group was happening before our eyes; what we are witnessing is a movement. Women are no longer listening to messages that say “you can’t” or “you won’t.” We are refusing to stay quiet in the predominantly male worlds of overlanding, offroading and exploration. Women are out on the road. They are going where they want to go. They have expertise and knowledge. They are defining their own lives and redefining their own limits. We are those women. We are you. Together, we hope this page, our group, the book, meetups and overland retreats will serve you as a source of inspiration, a catalyst for courage and a resource for connection and reliable information.


We know that not everyone can uproot their lives, buy an adventure vehicle and disappear into the unknown for 1 to 2 years or longer. If you love the idea of overland travel, have found yourself inspired by these women on the road or just need a unique getaway, we have an answer. We are offering 10-day, women-only overland retreats in beautiful, wild Costa Rica. We have the cars, we have the camping equipment, we have the routes. All you have to do is get there and we will take care of the rest. Every day will be a new adventure, a new opportunity to grow and challenge yourself. Every evening will be filled with friendship, laughter, reflection and all of the magic that happens when groups of women get together and share a profound experience.
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If you want to meet these awesome ladies in person they'll be joining us at Overland Expo West in the Kovea booth H5. 




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