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Kovea Portable Heater Makes Expedition Portal's Gear Bag List

Kovea Cupid Portable Heater Makes Expedition Portal's Gear Bag

Overland Journal's Managing Editor Sarah Ramm tested out the Kovea heater in cold weather temperatures.

After using the Cupid for a few months, Overland Journal’s Managing Editor Sarah Ramm fell in love with it. She noted that each time she went to ignite the small burner, it fired up on the first try. The support legs pop out for adjusting the direction of the heat, but they cannot be closed with the fuel can still in the heater. This prevents you from storing it in the case while the butane is still active.

When lit in their tent, the Cupid produced a ton of heat, turning the evenings and mornings from a shivering ice-fest into a time to stretch and crawl into or out of your sleeping bag easily.

Read the full article: https://expeditionportal.com/gear-bag-february/

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