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Namu Instructions

Assembly Instructions

Posted by Josh Ashcroft

10th October 2021


2 Wood Panels

1 Wood Knob

3 Stainless Laser Cut Plates

3 Brass Knobs

2 Stainless Screws

1 3M VHB Adhesive Dot (not pictured)

Step 1

First remove the screw from the bottom of the stove as indicate.

Step 2

Attach 'L' shaped support foot to the wood panel without the logo engraved.

Step 3

Attach the wood panel from Step 2, to the stove using the screw removed in Step 1.

Step 4

Use the small flat stainless plate and one brass knob attach the wood panel to end edge of the stove by "clamping" the edge of stove to the panel with the knob.

Step 5

Place the larger flat stainless plate on the opposite side of the side of the stove. Place the return edge through the slot in the bracket and use the brass knobs to secure it to the panel.

Step 6

Use the 3M VHB Dot to secure the wood knob cover to the plastic knob. Make sure the knob is in the off position before placing the cover or the wordmark will not be oriented properly.