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SXS Groove FairLead [Hawse Style]
SXS Groove FairLead [Hawse Style]
SXS Groove FairLead [Hawse Style]
SXS Groove FairLead [Hawse Style]
SXS Groove FairLead [Hawse Style]

SXS Groove FairLead [Hawse Style]

Yankum Ropes

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The SXS Groove Fairlead: A Hawse Style Fairlead Made For SXS Winch Lines

Introducing the improved Hawse Fairlead... for SXSs! THE SXS GROOVE FAIRLEAD by Yankum Ropes.  

This new patent-pending design of the Hawse fairlead makes a true "hookless" winch system possible.  You no longer need that hook on the end of your winch line, making your winch system stronger and safer! Simply place a hard or soft shackle through the eye at the end of your winch line as you deploy. When you are ready to store your winch line just slip the eye over one of the ends of the fairlead and tighten up your winch.  IT'S THAT EASY.



  • Standard 6" Bolt Mount Spacing for UTV's
  • Overall Dimensions: 7.86" x 2" x .81"
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What Makes This Fairlead Different?

This is the only fairlead that completely protects your winch line from getting smashed against trees or rocks without the aid of a hook or other attachment. Go ahead, beat it up! We aren't scared. Synthetic winch lines can be very expensive and deserve to be treated with care. The Groove Lead protects your winch line better than anything else on the market.

Made in America!

The Groove Fair-lead is machined right here in the USA from  6061 aircraft aluminum and Type III Anodized to prolong that smooth finish for years to come.  This is one piece of equipment that will outlast you and your rig.

Nate Pickle from The Dirt Lifestyle sparked the idea about a year ago, and with lots of hard work and R&D, Yankum Ropes made it a reality!

When compared to other fairlead and hook combinations from other companies this product is a bargain. Not to mention you'll protect your expensive synthetic winch line and increase your approach angle!

What About The Winch Line I Already Have?

That is the easy part! re-tying a Brummell splice at the end of your winch line only takes a few minutes and can be done without taking your entire winch line out of your winch.  However, if you need a new synthetic winch line, we can supply you with one of those as well. 

Can I use my winch line without a thimble?!

Thimbles, hard shackles, hooks and soft shackles share a common characteristic of possessing a diameter larger than that of the winch line. This feature facilitates a larger radius for the winch line "eye", or loop, to function effectively. When it comes to selecting the optimal connection for your winch line, it is recommended to prioritize soft shackles first, hard shackles second and then thimbles. It is worth noting that thimbles can potentially collapse under extreme loads. This leads to flattening, cutting and pinching, which cause line damage and potentially failure. For superior versatility and strength during winching operations, the soft shackle is the most effective connection point pound for pound.