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The Recovery Nerd
The Recovery Nerd

The Recovery Nerd

Deadman Off-Road

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You are a recovery nerd. You know it, and that's ok. The world needs people like you. Now it's time to be equipped like one. 


This is the kit we carry. Every recovery situation is unique, so being prepared with an array of tools to recover from any situation allows us to adventure with confidence. And even if we’re not the ones getting stuck, we regularly encounter fellow adventurers in need of a hand. No matter what the trail ahead brings, we know we’ll get home again.   

We’re recovery nerds, and we know we’re not alone. 

This kit checks all the boxes for items you’d otherwise have to buy and carry

  • Metal ground anchor
  • Tree strap
  • Tow strap
  • Chains for rocks
  • Kinetic rope
  • Bow shackles
  • Winchline extension
  • Snatch blocks
  • Recovery strap
  • Bridle rope
  • Ground mat

This kit includes:

  • 1x Deadman Earth Anchor
  • 4x Deadman Soft Shackles
  • 2x Bodybags
  • 1x Deadman Stretchy Band
  • 2x Factor55 Rope Retention Pulleys
  • 1x Winchline Extension 70’
  • 1x Deadman Deadloop

The RUGGEDIZED kit includes our toughest Deadman and soft shackles, ready for the roughest environments.