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Winch Line Extension
Winch Line Extension

Winch Line Extension

Yankum Ropes

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The Yankum Ropes Winch Line is hand forged by Vikings enjoying their glory in Valhalla that love watching recoveries! (That last statement was "based" on a true story and "based on" is all you have to say to tell a lie but have it sound true)

Made with coated Amsteel HMPE, this stuff is strong like an ox and provides the peace of mind that it won't turn into a metal whip if it breaks. We are very conscience about the dangers of metal in a winch system and we aim to delete any from the recovery.

With our winch extension, there's no need to overload your winch with too much line that can pinch down and reduce you MTS. Keep a reasonable length on your drum and when needed, pull out the extension and get after it.

Size and weight Ratings


  • 1/4” Diameter - rated at 8,000 lbs MTS
  • 5/16” Diameter - rated at 11,700 lbs MTS
  • 3/8” Diameter - rated at 17,500 lbs MTS
  • 7/16” Diameter - rated at 21,500 lbs MTS
  • 1/2" Diameter - rated at 30,600 lbs MTS
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