10 Best Spring Camping Accessories for 2021

10 Best Spring Camping Accessories for 2021

Words by Ashley Giordano

26th April 2021

Spring is officially upon us, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

As the snow recedes and days lengthen, warmer temperatures and budding trees and flowers naturally draw us outdoors.

With the short dark days of winter behind us, we naturally feel more inclined to haul out that gear for a spring camping trip - and for good reason! Spring is the perfect time to enjoy better camp spots, more campsite availability, smaller crowds, fewer mosquitos and vibrant scenery before the rush of the summer camping season begins.

Although Spring can be an incredible time of year to explore the outdoors, weather does remain somewhat unpredictable. Flurries can occur at higher elevations, there is an increased chance of rain (April showers bring May flowers, after all), and temperatures remain cool at night.

However, with a little bit of planning and a few pieces of good-quality gear, it’s possible to enjoy all that Spring has to offer. To keep you comfortable and well-equipped during this camping season, we’ve selected our 10 favorite spring camping accessories for 2021.



Whether you’re setting up your camp kitchen on frosty Spring morning or after a light rain in the evening, it’s nice to keep large items from getting too caked with mud and dirt.

This cooler stand provides a sturdy, no-slip surface for your camp stove, cooler or grill, raising your belongings out of the mud after one of those classic Spring showers.

After use, the stand can be unlocked and folded up nicely for storage in the included carry bag - preventing the need for an interior vehicle detail after a busy weekend adventure.


Buy the WS Cooler Stand here >>




While it might feel like summer is just around the corner during balmy Spring days, cool nights are a good reminder that winter isn’t that far behind us.

As seasonal temperatures fluctuate, this butane-powered wireless heater is the perfect way to take the chill off both in the evening at camp and in your tent at night.


Stay cozy and warm during this Spring season >



3. Frontrunner Wolf Pack ($39.95)

Great for car camping, Wolf Packs help keep items organized and dirt-free.

These storage boxes are also suitable for exterior storage and prevent gear from becoming pelted and damaged by Spring rain, sleet, snow or dirt.

Place one on top of a WS Cooler Stand or an AL Bamboo One Action Table and you’re laughing.


Stay organized with the Frontrunner Wolf Pack >




After a long day of driving, fishing or hiking, we always experience instant relaxation as our bottoms hit this camp chair.

The high back provides good support, so all you need is a cozy blanket, a warm drink and a good book (or a trusty pair of binoculars!) to enjoy a great Spring evening at camp.

Looking for a spot to store your favorite reading material? The rear of the chair has a handy mesh pocket, perfect for keeping track of those miscellaneous camp items.


Unpack one now and get comfortable at camp >




Looking to replace your bulky camp table? Tired of cooking and dining from the tailgate of your vehicle? Increased surface area can transform your camping experience, and this bamboo table is a great solution.

Telescoping legs and varying heights make this table perfect for food prep, a dining table, camp chair side table, or a kids’ camp table.

Want to keep dirt or mud contained? This carry bag helps keep the interior of your vehicle spotless, while also optimizing storage space and maximizing ease of transport.


Get the AL Bamboo One Action Table now >




There’s nothing worse than trying to figure out where to store those empty sandwich bags, snack wrappers or that chewed up apple core. Our solution: store trash in an outdoor receptacle that is built to last.

We’re excited to collaborate with Last US Bag to offer the Oscar’s Mobile Hideout Bag, which can be lashed to the exterior of your vehicle and used as a stylish trash receptacle.

As with any gear you should bring on a camping trip, this bag is multi-functional and can also be used to store or transport firewood, recovery gear or tools.


Grab your bag now and store trash stylishly >




In addition to food and water, shelter is an important component to any camp setup. Whether you need a reprieve from the hot sun or protection from rain or late-season snowfall, your campsite will be transformed by this waterproof Recta Tarp set.

Great for large groups, this tarp creates a sheltered space for lounging, dining or camping. String up some lights, lay down a few Mad Mat Outdoor Rugs for ambiance and host your own outdoor dinner party while being protected from the elements.


Shelter your camp spot with the Kovea Recta Tarp >



As the weather improves, cooking outdoors becomes one of the most enjoyable aspects of heading into the great outdoors. Food just tastes better in the wild!

Whether tenting in the woods or overlanding in the desert, this unique torch will enhance any camp chef’s culinary game. Not just for Creme Brulee, there are a variety of dishes you can cook with this Fire-Z Torch. Searing the outside of a freshly caught fish is definitely a game changer.

This torch also doubles as a handy fire starter for those drizzly Spring days or if your firewood isn’t quite as dry as it could be.


Melt that cheese and sear that steak with the Fire-Z Torch >




Arguably one of the most useful items you can bring into the outdoors, a sturdy field knife can be used for everything from cutting rope, preparing food (not to mention carving s’more sticks!), making repairs or for first aid.

This No. 6 Field Knife has a high carbon tempered steel blade, resulting in a strong knife that is highly resistant to corrosion. A waxed canvas sheath and belt clip provide for safe storage and easy transport.


Add the No. 6 Field Knife to your camp gear now >



Although the days are lengthening, those long summer days aren’t quite upon us yet. Lighting up your camp allows for a competitive game of cards before bed or an opportunity to share a late night dessert with friends, saving those headlight batteries for when you really need them.

This area light is dust-proof and waterproof and has a large capacity battery that functions as a reliable power pack that you can use to charge other devices like phones and headlamps.


Light up the night with the Claymore Area Light >

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